Silhouette Designer Edition Software & a Give-a-way!

I am so excited to be part of the March Promotion from Silhouette! The basic Silhouette Studio software included with your Portrait or your Cameo is an amazing program, but the Designer Edition software is even better! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for your link to get those fantastic specials listed above and for your chance to win a Silhouette Portrait, right here on my blog!
For a easy visual on all the differences between the two programs - follow this link.
 I was honored to be asked to participate and I'm excited to share a project with you!  The Designer Studio makes everything so much easier and provides advanced features to help in creating some amazing projects. 
I kept my project simple, but the Designer Studio made it quick & easy! 

I was looking to cut out a bird on a branch and I found the perfect bird and the perfect branch in two different designs.  Now sure, I could have cut both designs out completely and then used scissors to to cut away the parts I didn't want, but the Designer Studio Software makes it simple to fix BEFORE you cut!

  • Open both images onto your blank mat.

  • Use the advanced eraser tool in the Designer Studio software to erase the flowers and branch from image #1 that you will not need.
  • Move your bird image down near the black & white branch and resize until it works for you.
  • Using the Designer Studio Pivot Point tool, I rotated the bird image slightly so that it sat on the new branch better.
  • Once my images were together as I desired, I ungrouped the branches so that I could move the images to separate cutting mats. 
  • I cut my images from 3 different papers and pieced them together.

Now, this is just a simple example of what you can do with the new Advanced Studio Software...some of my other favorite advanced tools are:

-The ability to use and edit .SVG files without a lengthy conversion process.
-The advanced cutting tools which separate images with multiple line options.
-The ability to turn any image to a sketch drawing.
-The abilty to transfer image proerties between shapes.

Now for the March Specials!  From today until March 8th, all you have to do is click on this link, select your deal and enter "SCREW" as your promo code upon checkout!

In addition, one of my lucky blog readers is going to win their very own Silhouette Portrait!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me why you want to win by March 4th and I will draw a random winner! Be sure to share this post with your friends!




Last day in Missouri ...

Leaving the hospital today was tough....

Camren was getting a tune up today...he was low on red blood cells and getting a transfusion of blood.  But other than that, he is doing great....he'll be running around torturing Emma before you know it!  Leaving you with a new layout:


Baby Camren....

Everyone knows how excited I was to get to head to Missouri and visit the kids and meet Baby Camren....but you also know that I had no assumptions that I would get to hold him.  There are a ton of precautions to take with a premie and I was content to think that I would get to see him and hold his hand in the incubator.  But, he has made huge improvements in the last 2 weeks --- so much so that they have removed all his support tubes except for his feeding tube and oxygen, both of which are through his nose.  When we were at the hospital and Tom asked if i wanted to hold him, I was thrilled!  Of course, I did!

It was all I could do to not cry....he is so beautiful and perfect.  To make things even better, I got to change his diaper and take his temperature...I'm in love...again.  Chase said to me that other day that by the time he started having kids, I wouldn't be so excited about grandkids because I would have so many by then.  So not true....I can't imagine not having butterflies everytime I meet one of my new grandbabies...just such an amazing moment.  I am truly blessed and they are teaching me what is really  important in life.  I wish I had learned this lesson sooner....

Have a great day....

Love, One very happy grandma.....

Snow and Chilled Cucumber Soup!

I'm sitting in Missouri with the kids and waiting for the next snowstorm to dump 15-20 inches of snow in an 8 hour window and all I can think of is keeping warm. We are still recovering from the 10 inches of snow  we received on Thursday...

It was beautiful on Friday....

But today...it's dirty and dreary with huge piles of snow everywhere...I just don't know where they are going to put 20 more inches!

The storm is suppose to hit early evening and we are gearing up for a couple days inside trying to stay warm and safe...we have done the grocery shopping, baked brownies, and stocked up on fresh water, just in case.  All that is left to do is pray that we can make it to the hospital to see Camren one more time before we have to leave.....oh yeah, and pray that we can get to the airport on Thursday! 

But until then, I will enjoy the beauty, enjoy the time with the kids and Emma, and dream of warmth!

One thing that helps me think of warmer temps and springtime, is the new Jillibean Soup line, Chilled Cucumber Soup!  It is bright and cheery and was so fun to work with!  I made a wedding mini album for the booth at the trade show and it's time for me to share it with you!





First Things First....

Within an hour of touching down in Missouri, I was at the hospital in the NICU laying eyes on my newest grandson, Camren. It was wonderful to finally be able to see him in real life. But honestly, I was nervous...I was fearful and I was anxious.  I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I had butterflies the whole way there and all the way into his room.  But as soon as they lifted off the incubator blankets .... all those fears and anxieties went immediately away and my heart was full.  He is one amazing little man, so sweet and strong and such a fighter. 
He is a favorite among the doctors and nurses and I can see why.  He is definitely a Holmes....just look at all that dark hair!  He was all snuggled up and cozy on his belly.

These were his stats yesterday...but by this morning he was already 3lbs, 1 oz!  He is growing tons and doing so great!  We got word today that they are shooting to extubate him tomorrow! 


We got up this morning to this beautiful site:

A couple inches of brand new snow had blanketed the town....we packed up and headed back to the hospital.  What is normally a 2 hour round trip turned into a 5 hour round trip and we never even made it to the hospital.  Within minutes of hitting the highway, the snowfall turned into a snow storm with thunder and lightning to go along with it.   We continued on in Tom's 4x4 and made it to within 10 miles of the hospital when we knew it was time to turn around, we just weren't going to make it.  The roads were packed with stuck cars, trucks, semi's and even tow trucks and the snow continued to come down fast.  By the time we arrived home, the 2 inches had turned into 10 inches and everything was snowbound. 
So it's been an exciting couple days already and I can't wait till tomorrow....Emma & I will be on our own and we have a photoshoot planned and Barbies to play with (oh joy!).....I'll post pics tomorrow!
Have to leave you with a couple more layouts that I created over the weekend at the retreat.  These are all created using the amazing new lines from Teresa Collins!

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