Was it real?

Just over 9 months ago, I received a phone call from David while I was sitting in a hotel room in Anaheim, California.  I knew instantly that something was wrong...his first words were, "Are you sitting down? Are the girls with you?" and then, "Angie is in labor".  Now those are usually really exciting words for a grandma to hear when she is waiting for the birth of her grandchild.  But, those words sent me into a tailspin...one that created a blur over my life for almost 5 months.  Angie was 3 days short of being 25 weeks pregnant and she was going to deliver Camren very early, maybe too early.  Two days later I would be at home, when he made is way into the world at just over 1 1/2 pounds. 

It would be a very tough 4 months...the kids would make the 3 hour round trip to the hospital almost daily...juggling the needs of Emma with the need to be by Camren's side.  It was so hard on them, but they were amazing.  They quickly fell into a routine which included sending us updates 2-3 times a day.  You see we were half the country away and totally helpless to do anything to make their lives easier.  But, they continued to take care of us...updating us every time the situation changed. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a fixer. I don't like to wait, I don't like to sit back and let other's do things for me.  Being so far a way was frustrating.  Looking back on those 4 months was a blur.  I felt helpless and useless but oh so grateful.  Grateful for a son who knew how hard it was for me and took the time to keep me in the loop.  I mean think about it....he had just a few things on his mind...just a few. It would have been understandable if we had received an update every few days, but twice a day?  They were in the middle of the battle and still took the time to call, text and email. 

I rec'd these photos today....and realized that I had never stopped to look back at those months.  David knew from the moment Camren was born that he would be okay, he never doubted, questioned or let his mind think, what if?  He was my rock.  He would remind me that God was in control and there was nothing we could do to change that.  We quickly fell into a routine....the kids would call, I would be strong, I would break down when I hung up the phone and then David would pick me back up. 

I asked the kids in June when we visited if they felt like it had been a dream.  They said, absolutely not....that they would never forget every moment of every day that Camren spent in that hospital NICU.  I had it easy...I was here walking through my life while they struggled through every scary moment and celebrated every little success.  They are amazing parents and amazing children...I'm so grateful for the time they took to comfort us even when we couldn't comfort them. 

Okay....well, today I got these photos and I've been crying since I opened them ....

Such a Blessing....Thank You Lord.


Kimberli said...

Aww, such great pics!! I was fortuate enough to take care of Camren while he was in the NICU and I definitely agree, they are amazing parents and it was so fun to get to know them! Its so amazing seeing Camren thriving at home now, turning into quite the little chunk!

Tracey said...

What a beautiful family!! Definitely a blessing!! So glad Camren is healthy and strong!

April said...

What a wonderful story and beautiful family!! :)

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