Lots of Jillibean Soup!

Have I told you all how much I LOVE being on the Jillibean Soup Design Team?  I'm sure I have (probably a million and one times), but I'm going to tell you again!  I LOVE being on the Jillibean Soup Design Team!  It was Christmas last month when the new goodies arrived at my door and I couldn't wait to dive it.  This Kraft Placemat is my absolute favorite....can't you just see all the possibilities?  Yum!
Cold Avocado Soup? Yes, please! Just look at that color scheme? 

I love the way it looks on my kraft card & envelope:

Just look at that arrow....cut from the kraft chevron placemat.... so many possibilities!

Be sure to follow along on the Jillibean Soup blog to see a ton of fun designs from the team!

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