Bedroom remodel pics...

okay....so it's been a whole year since we finished the remodel of the bedroom, but it's been a crazy year and every time I would remember that I needed to post pictures, something would come up and I would promptly forget.  Sound familiar? 

Well, better late than never....so here we go:

This view is from the doorway looking in..... the door goes out onto the covered deck...and a cord of firewood....love the smell of freshly chopped wood that comes in through the open window...

The table & chairs are from HomeGoods....one of the only new items in the room. 
The cushions on the chairs I made from old pillows that I recovered.
The fans were bought on sale at Lowes....there are two of them and they are on dimmer switches....I LOVE them.
The heart hooks on the wall were bought at a swap meet in Maui years ago and the bow tie David wore at our wedding hangs there.
On the table is a framed poem that David wrote for me back in 1989 when he was in Alaska fishing.
The blinds are wood and from Home Depot on clearance.

There are 2 closets in the room, one on either side of the table.  They were basic bi fold doors that David covered in thin cedar planking...courtesy of a Pinterest idea.

The nightstands are actually stepping stools from IKEA.  They work perfect for keeping our phone charging cords at our bedside. 

These lamps are also from IKEA, but I purchased two of them at a garage sale for $2.00 each.  They aren't my husbands favorite, but he is putting up with the floral until I find something we like better.

This window is my favorite feature of my bedroom, in fact, it's one of my favorite features in the whole house.  It is up high enough to keep the privacy, but perfect for morning sunshine and evening moonlight.  With the windows open in the summer, I can here the early morning geese, the afternoon children at the playground and the evening soccer games at the ballfield.
The picket fence was custom made by David for me...it was originally the fence that was in front of the huge picture window in the main part of the house.  When we remodeled and that window was taken out, it became my headboard.  LOVE this.
The pictures are cheap frames from IKEA with music paper in them....the red is vinyl that I placed on the outside glass.
The vinyl saying is one of my favorites....life is a fairy tale after all.
The necklaces around my side of the bed are presents from the kids and Emma over the last years...

This dresser was an old clear wood dresser that I had loaded in the Pilot for donation when I decided what harm would it do if I tried to paint it to match the new room.  This is what I ended up with.
The Wood shelf and mirror came from a garage sale.
The metal cross is from the Dollar Store.
The Blocks are from Hobby Lobby - 50% off.
The metal basket is from a small trinket store in Phinney Ridge that I just couldn't pass up....paid way too much for it.

The mirror is huge!  It is from Pottery Barn and it was a gift from Austin when he worked there....it was on clearance and then he got his discount...a steal for just over $50!
The photo on the left is of us on our 25th wedding anniversary...not my favorite photo.
The door in the mirror is to the master bathroom...which still has parakeet green walls....needs to be painted!

Next to the mirror is our TV case....without a TV.  When we remodeled we got rid of it and it just never made it's way back in.  This stores our out of season closes and books now. This is also a Pottery Barn piece, but we got it for $24.99 from the local Goodwill.
The art above it came from Hobby Lobby and was in there "as is" section for $5.  It is heavy wood and has a small crack in it.
The vinyl is a saying I saw on Pinterest and knew I had to post.
Not all the way in the photo is the laundry hamper from HomeGoods...it's the perfect shade of grey.
The small table is also from HomeGoods and is where David dumps his gym bag and backpack...also the perfect shade of grey.

This is a piece I was given by Andrea...we purchased them at a garage sale and then she passed it on to me....LOVE.
The hooks are from Hobby Lobby.

So that's it....the paint is from Home Depot and I couldn't tell you the color....the carpet is from the local outlet store...

This is officially the first room in the house that is completely the way I want it!  Well, for now anyway.


Sherine said...

So fabulous Kim! I need to blog. I need to post pictures of our bedroom too! :) I love the quotes. You inspire me.

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Beautiful! I love the color and the picket fence headboard is genius! I'm super envious of that cool transom window that you have too!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Christi said...

it's gorgeous! so restful and inviting with beautiful personal touches!

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