I mustache you a question....

The week before I left for CHA in Las Vegas, I was upstairs working on show designs and William wanted to join me, so I brought him upstairs, sat him in a chair and gave him some tools to play with....I know brave, right?  But it only took a few minutes for him to find the fuzzy mustache sticker laying on the table and I was thrilled that he let me put it on him and take pictures!  Of course, this was a two person job....thanks to Andrea Ancich for helping me!

I can't wait to scrap those photos!  But to share with you a bit of what I was working on:
Simple Stories has 3 fabulous new full lines out...and believe me, you are going to want every piece of every one!  I had a little taste getting to work with the paper prototypes, but I can't wait to get my hands on the real thing and all the amazing embellishments too!
First up is Say Cheese..... there is a Disney mini binder in my future with this one!
 Next up is the new school themed line, Smarty Pants:
and finally the new December Documented:
Remember, these are created from just the paper .... Just think what you could create with the whole line!


Tracey said...

WHat a cutie! He looks adorable in that mustache!!

And I love your layouts! These new collections are amazing! I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on them!!

Angie Lucas said...

Funniest mustache pic I've ever seen!

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