Wow ten years ago.....

I associate everything in my life with an event....so when I realized that Tommy & Angie were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, my train of thought went like this...

Ten Years?

Oh yeah, that was when....

....Jeff passed away and
....Sarah graduated from High School and
....Jordan started playing select soccer for Mark and
....David had Bells Palsy and
....Travis broke his leg in the bike/car accident and
....Luke got potty trained and
....Jordan's softball team went one game away from the World Series and
....Chase had mono and ran 105 degree fever for almost a week and
....Austin learned to ride a bike and
....I started SCRAPBOOKING.

Oh man.

My life is full of those kind's of months....but, if there wasn't some major event, I just don't remember anything happening.  Almost like nothing did.  When I think back, I think wow, nothing much happened this year.  I just realized that's not even remotely true.  My life is full of lists like the one above...so many times when the Lord has reminded me that He is in charge and I'm not.  It's a good thing too, obviously, I'm just too busy!

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