Those of you that know me, already know that David is my rock.  I have been married to him for more than half my life and it's getting harder and harder to remember a time that he wasn't the focus of my affections.  There have been many different seasons of our marriage...the ups & downs everyone warns you about...but there has never been a time when I doubted that God had a plan for us.  Together....we were always meant to be together.  The early years when we struggled to let go off our independence, the young children years when we were always exhausted, the teenage children years when we were so busy we hardly had time to steal a kiss....and now...now is perfect.  We are still busy and still have kids at home, but life is simpler as we age.  We understand that what we have is special, that so many people wish they had just a little of what we have...we have learned after 25 years to embrace it all.  The busy, the crazy, the lean times and the rich times...we have learned.  I love this man more than I can even begin to describe...

Here is one of my Jillibean designs this month:

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Patti G said...

You feel about "him" as I feel about my "him" - well said & a beautiful layout!

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