Keep it up Camren!

Master Camren is doing great!  He is still in the NICU in Kansas City, but has made some big strides in the last few weeks:

- He is over 7 pounds!
- He is on minimal oxygen!
- He started breast feeding yesterday!
- He is in a big boy crib!
- He gets to hang out with his sister now!
- and it looks like he might get to head home my his original due date, May 1st!

It certainly has been a crazy 3 months since he was born....so many ups & downs and a mirage of roller coaster rides.  To say that it has been hard on us doesn't even come close to how hard it's been on Tom, Angie & Emma....but, everyone is still strong and plugging along with some awesome strength from the Lord.  Talk about the power of prayer and miracles....it's been so apparent that HIS hand has been on baby Camren from day 1. 

Look at how adorable he is:

That one is my favorite.....so happy that Emma can go into the NICU now that flu season is over.

Now for some new creations to share with you: 

I hope you all have a great week!

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