New Layouts for You!

Finally made it up to my art loft to get my hands dirty creating....it always meakes me feel so rejuvenated! 

Played with some new Fancy Pants:

and one of my Jillibean Soup layouts and a card from last month:



Let's Catch Up!

ahhh....the last two weeks have been a blur.  It has been non-stop since arriving home from our Missouri/Arizona trip and it wasn't till last Sunday that I felt like I could breathe again...so let'e catch you up!

Missouri was cold....but, Arizona was beautiful! David & I spent four days connecting, shopping, eating and enjoying the wonderful weather...and it was great!

I was thrilled to be able to visit with Sher while I was down there....totally an added bonus to the trip!
But, while we were there, the boxes for the store started piling up...
and you all know me....the thought of all that work sitting at home waiting for me was just overwhelming for me...so we came home a day early so I could dive in.  David was totally understanding and even stayed home to help me on his day off.  It actually made me extremely happy to work on all those boxes.  I take it as a sign of success...the store is doing great and I'm thrilled at the direction it has gone.  What started out as a small store handling only collection kits has turned into a full range online store in all things scrappy.  I'm so proud that I now have 300 members in the store with over 100 active shoppers.  How cool is that? 
I was also extremely happy to dive in to baseball season:
and to see this little guy:
So I am officially caught up....life is back to normal...the to-do list is looking a little lighter and a little funner.  Last weekend we crossed off wash the windows inside and out from our Spring Cleaning list and dove into one of my Pinterest projects.  These are my new closet doors:
Aren't those pretty cool?  We did both sets of closet doors...and it was great to spend the day with David working on a project together.  It really is a blessing to spend my life with a man I love to be with....I love every moment of every day. 
Yesterday, I got an update on little Camren.  He is 5 1/2 pounds and looking rather chunky!  I love it!  He is doing great and is even in the 95% percentile for his weight....definitely a miracle! They are going to start weening him off his oxygen and hopefully start to teach him to nurse....the first step in getting him ready to go home!
and on the home front, William is starting to walk all over....he loves it when you catch him standing up or walking...so proud of himself!

 That's about it....starting to prepare for Austin's graduation....getting the supplies for his announcements, taking senior pictures and planning a party.  Of course, that also means we are gathering old photos for the slide show.  I just have to share this one:

I hope everyone has a great day! If anyone is interested in joining the store's facebook group, let me know in the comments and I can add you to the fun!


Portrait Winner!

Patrice is the lucky random winner of the Silhouette Portrait!  Congrats, Patrice!  Please send me your mailing information to theholmescrew@comcast.net and I will forward it on to Silhouette America!

Have fun!  Thanks to everyone for playing along!

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