First Things First....

Within an hour of touching down in Missouri, I was at the hospital in the NICU laying eyes on my newest grandson, Camren. It was wonderful to finally be able to see him in real life. But honestly, I was nervous...I was fearful and I was anxious.  I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I had butterflies the whole way there and all the way into his room.  But as soon as they lifted off the incubator blankets .... all those fears and anxieties went immediately away and my heart was full.  He is one amazing little man, so sweet and strong and such a fighter. 
He is a favorite among the doctors and nurses and I can see why.  He is definitely a Holmes....just look at all that dark hair!  He was all snuggled up and cozy on his belly.

These were his stats yesterday...but by this morning he was already 3lbs, 1 oz!  He is growing tons and doing so great!  We got word today that they are shooting to extubate him tomorrow! 


We got up this morning to this beautiful site:

A couple inches of brand new snow had blanketed the town....we packed up and headed back to the hospital.  What is normally a 2 hour round trip turned into a 5 hour round trip and we never even made it to the hospital.  Within minutes of hitting the highway, the snowfall turned into a snow storm with thunder and lightning to go along with it.   We continued on in Tom's 4x4 and made it to within 10 miles of the hospital when we knew it was time to turn around, we just weren't going to make it.  The roads were packed with stuck cars, trucks, semi's and even tow trucks and the snow continued to come down fast.  By the time we arrived home, the 2 inches had turned into 10 inches and everything was snowbound. 
So it's been an exciting couple days already and I can't wait till tomorrow....Emma & I will be on our own and we have a photoshoot planned and Barbies to play with (oh joy!).....I'll post pics tomorrow!
Have to leave you with a couple more layouts that I created over the weekend at the retreat.  These are all created using the amazing new lines from Teresa Collins!


tenaya said...

What an eventful trip already! Stay safe and have a wonderful time with your kids!

Leanne said...

so glad to hear your grandson is doing well!!

ps - your LOs are gorgeous!!!

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