William's First Real Haircut!

It was time....time for a haircut for lil' Mr. William...we all love his beautiful red curls, but it was in his eyes and always in his food and well...it was time.  We met up with Sarah & Mike at this cute little kids shop in Country Village.  When we got there he was already in the chair, a fun race car chair.  There were three gals cutting hair and they were quick!  They had quick hand and moved as fast as the kids could move their heads..amazing!  William was great as usual and it looks like the curls will still return!

An update on lil' Camren for everyone....he stablized enough to forgo heart surgery and administer the drug that will hopefully close up his heart murmur.  We will know more tomorrow, but for know our little fighter is holding his own.  Praise the Lord!  Keep the prayers coming!

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