Welcome December!

I am so not ready for the Holidays to be here!  I know it's cliche, but where did the year go?  So much is going on right now....Austin turned 18, Chase turned 16 as is driving, Luke has grown over 5 inches this year alone, and lil' WIlliam is almost walking!  Walking....wow. 

As for David & I we are just sitting back enjoying every moment of the change...funny how your perspective changes as you age....we celebrated our 26th anniversary last week and we realize just how lucky we are to be blessed with a great relationship and family.  There really is nothing worth stressing about because God has a plan and who are we to question that plan....look how our lives have played out so far.  Amazing.

My plan for the holiday season is to relax...do fun things...enjoy small moments...remember that things don't have to be perfection to be perfect....

So I've changed my mind....I'm ready for the Holidays....bring it on...

A few designs for you today....

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