Enlightened disappointment???

I am being reminded today that disappointment is a part of our lives no matter how hard we try to guard ourselves from it.  We can prepare, plan, study, organize, bribe, pray, you name it...we can do it and it won't guard us from feeling the pangs of disappointment.  I'm constantly telling my kids...."Don't set yourself up for disappointment".....but I wonder now if that sends the wrong signal.  Does it say, "Don't try"? The reality is that the disappointment that I feel today is healthy....it's the kind that you feel when you put yourself out there and strive for something you want....for a goal.  God is whispering to me today that He is proud of me....that my goals are within reach....that I need to follow Him and walk through His open doors...He is telling me to get up and try again.  To smile.  To hope.  To pray.  To give it another shot.  To NEVER give up. 
So today in the face a very minor dissapointment, I am thrilled to be His daughter....to be comforted by His arms...to be sure of His love for me....what else do I need?
I can't write a blog post without a couple of photos....these ones crack me up.  William crawled into his toy basket yesterday and couldn't get out!

Then he got his second haircut!

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