oh my....

....has it really been 6 weeks since I blogged?  So much life has happened in the last 6 weeks...so let's play catch up.

- big trip to Topeka Kansas in July for a baseball tournament and a visit with Tom, Angie & Emma
- trip to Chicago with Andrea & Sherry for Summer CHA 2012
- William turned  months old and Emma turned 3 years old!
- Scrap Happy Deals had it's first official CHA Preview Crop
- Chase started on a tennis team, Luke continued with fencing and Austin finished up his summer baseball league.
-David had a total knee surgery and has begun PT.

I know what you are thinking, "What about photos?"  - well, all I can say is baby steps.  One thing at a time and right now, it's a big thing I am blogging when I should be sleeping!'

I promise more to come...really I do.

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