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Hey friends!  I know that 2011 isn't officially over for a few more days, but I wanted to share a fun tutorial with you for making Valentines! Just think how ahead of the game you will be if you have all your Valentine's created in January!  Okay, well that could be a stretch --- but still this is a fun technique that could be used for a variety of creations! 

Step #1 - Spritz manila tag with mist and ink around the edges:

Step #2 - Cut patterned paper and kraft paper into rectangles with kraft paper being 1/4 inch larger on all sides.  Ink around edges, adhere together and set aside:

Step #3 - Using my stamp collection, I picked out about 15 stamps that had the LOVE theme.  If they still have the envelope attached, soak them in water for 30 seconds and place upside down on a paper towel.  This will loosen the glue and you should be able to remove paper.  When they are dry adhere them to a heart shaped piece of chipboard.  Turn over, trim off excess, ink all edges and straight stitch around the edge.

Step #4 - Using a scalloped border punch, punch out 2-3 long strips of scallops.  Clip from the non-scalloped side almost all the way through to the other side as shown in the picture.  This will allow you to bend the scallops around the heart and create the edging. 

Step #5 - Adhere scallops to heart.

Step #6 - Distress all edges of heart with Distress Ink.

Step #7 - Assemble all pieces as shown below, add ribbon and bling if desired!

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Lynne Forsythe said...

love love love love this idea!!! <3

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