I may have a slight Pinterest Addiction.  Just a slight one.  I have so many fun things pinned that I want to do with my house, that I could never have enough time.  So many projects, so little time.  Truly.

This is why I get all my Christmas stuff done by the 3rd week of December.  The last week, I unwind, create and just have fun.  This helps me to relax an enjoy the holiday.  It really helps...David always says that I am adding more stress trying to get my projects done on a deadline --- nah, I thrive on deadlines!  I do my best work on deadlines.  That is why I love to work on teams -- the deadlines keep my mojo flowing. 

Anyway - thought I'd share a quick peek of some projects we have worked on this week.

Made a few of these wind bottle covers from old sweater sleeves.  This one turned out to be much harder than it looks!  I think the key for the future is to use a cotton fabric for the bottom round piece and not another piece of the sweater!  Still love how they look!

The pack of tea towels next to them was also a quick & easy Pinterest project.  These turned out really cute and I have made some really great sets for gifts!

Next, a big THANK YOU to Austin, Chase & Luke for helping me at Home Depot, cutting all the wood, painting all the wood, and just generally helping me get these ready!  Cut all the vinyl on my Silhouette and presto -- quick & easy!  I want to keep them all - but I am going to give them as gifts to the folks that come over to visit on Christmas this year!


Jennifer said...

Love these ... super cute!

Sherine said...

So uber cute Kim!

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