Hood Canal

We are truly blessed - we get to count the Nehr's and the Reuter's as family.  When we moved into a new neighborhood almost 12 years ago, the Nehr's made us feel like we belonged.  Dick & Julie took the time to get to know us - each one of us - and make us all feel special.  They were like another set of grandparents to my children and like parents to David & I.  Their daughter, Tami, was like the sister I never had. When they sold their house and moved to Seabeck, I cried for months.  Thankfully, Tami and I have stayed in touch.  She is my best friend and I love the connection we have.  We "get" each other and understand when months go by without touching base.  Life happens.  That is what made last week special.  We were able to spend the week at their family cabin.  Both the Nehr's and the Reuter's live within minutes of the beach house and we were able to see them every day --- just like old times.  The simple comfort of that was amazing.  It was a sweet week for sure.  Good for the soul. 

Of course we had tons of fun --- here are a few photos.  I haven't photoshopped them yet because my software is tweeking but wanted to share them anyway!

Meet Gracie --- the little pug from the cabin next door:

hood canal 1

Coop had a great time even though he cut up his pads on the oyster beds the first day and spent the rest of the week recooperating!

hood canal 2

The kayaks were a favorite and the guys took trips everyday -- with Cooper swimming along side:

hood canal 3

There were quiet times:



fun times:

canal 7

canal 12

canal 11

food times:

canal 9

canal 6

canal 5 copy

canal 10

and times with friends:

canal 15

canal 8

canal 13
I have tons more photos for you but need some time to get them all organized!  I have one more to share with you --- this one is from 2006.  Look at how little all our kids were!

friends 8-10

Life is good --- we have been home for 2 days and I still can smell the salt air, see the sun on my kids faces, and feel the warmth of hugging on my friend.  I miss her already. Love you Miss Tami -----


Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

What fun...and what beautiful photos!

Tami R. said...

Thanks Kim! loved having time with all of you too. Looking forward to scrapping all of our new memories with you soon! Just a few years and we will be looking back on these days as what we miss most. Already missing all of you!

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