Saturday Scrappin'

Yesterday was a great day, a very good day indeed.  I had the pleasure of scrappin' the day away with Tami, Sherry & Andrea.  To make it even better, I scrapped some fun things just for me without any assignments.  Don't get me wrong --- I love my scrappin' assignments and all the fun things I get to play with and do --- but there is something freeing about just scrappin ---- just putting the glue on the paper and not worrying about what, where or why!  I totally needed that kind of day --- just like I needed my friends.  Growing up and all through the first half of my life, I was pretty much a loner.  Okay, well not really a loner, more of an introvert - perfectly happy to be alone and quiet.  I still love that.  But what I love even more is knowing that I'm not alone.  Knowing that my friends are going through the same things.  Knowing that someone else understands.  Being able to laugh at and with each other about things that would otherwise completely stress me out.  These girls are so good for me.  It is truly amazing what good friends can do for your soul. 

Tons of thanks to my hubby too --- my best friend --- for always being willing to rearrange his schedule to make my time with my friends work. 

Okay ---so what did I get done yesterday? 

Bella Blvd - Water Dog:

Bella Blvd - "Grandpa's Tired"

Crate Paper - Girls

Crate Paper - Simple Joy


Keely Yowler said...

These are just fabulous, Kim! Your projects are always so colorful and fun :)

Mary Jo said...

Great layouts, Kim! In fact if you don't mind, I pinned one of them to my Scrapbook Inspiration board in Pinterest :)

Scrappin Sports & More said...

Love these!! And, of course the one with Lucy! Talk about a great weekend for the soul! Beautiful work, my friend!

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