A Couple of Smart Shopper Ideas for You!

A couple things to share today!

First off --- Zaycon Foods is coming back to this area (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) next week with their meat truck full of skinless boneless chicken breast for $1.64/lb!  You do have to purchase a 40lb box - but it is so worth it!  I purchased some in February and we have already gone through it all!  They will be coming back to this area with chicken some time this fall again, if this is bad timing for you.

How this program works is....

-You register online with your email address and you will receive notification of upcoming "events".  You are not under any obligation to buy, but you will receive notification of upcoming sales.

-You will receive an email notification when the sale goes live.  Just head over to their site, log in, and order your chicken. For this event, the Washington sale is expected to go live today (6/3) at 4pm. Delivery is dependent on your pick-up location but it is between 6/10 and 6/16.  Basically, you go to your pickup location, get in the car line, pull up to the truck, give them your receipt, and they load your car.  They are very professional, friendly and helpful.  They even put down paper matting in my truck just in case!  The chicken comes in four large plastic bags each containing 10 pounds. 

The chicken does not contain added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients and is fresh (never been frozen). This is some of the tastiest chicken we have ever had --- there is no way to go back to buying frozen chicken from Costco!  We are spoiled!

Last time, we came home and it took about 90 minutes for David & I and the boys to repackage the chicken.  We flash froze some if it and then placed it 4 pieces to a freezer bag.  We pounded some of it flat, cut some in chunks, and even cooked up about 5 pounds for taco meat and froze it that way. 

If you think about it --- add my name (Kim Holmes) as the referral when you register!

I know this sounds kind of weird, but they are an amazing company!  Visit their website for more details!  They are basically a wholesale company without a storefront - they do a ton of business with cruise ships and such.  Love that they found a way to pass some savings on to us everyday shoppers!

Search & Win

Secondly ---- just need to remind you how fabulous SWAGBUCKS are!  Today is Megabucks Friday and it would be a great day to sign up and start earning your swagbucks!  So far this year, I have earned enough bucks to add over $100 dollars to my amazon account!  It only takes 450 swagbucks to earn a $5 gift certificate! 

More details:

--It's basically just a search engine -- but you earn points randomly when you search.  So even if you don't do anything you wouldn't normally do, you will be earning bucks.  I trade mine in for amazon cash --- but there are tons of things you can use them for.  I have already used my amazon dollars for birthday presents and now I am saving up for a Christmas order! 

--All you have to do is go to their site and register.  Then you can either go to their site to use their search engine or set it to your homepage.

--There are many different ways to earn bucks.  One of my favorite ways to to purchase my Groupon offers (or other local daily deal sites) through their "earn" menu.  In addition to getting the great deal, you can also earn 160 swagbucks!  So basically it takes me 3 daily deals (that I would have purchased anyway - like the Old Navy one) to earn enough bucks for another $5 Amazon card.  Totally double dipping!

--Megabucks Fridays are special because you can earn so many more bucks that other days --- love to search on Fridays!

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Jennifer said...

40 lbs of chicken is way too much for me right now ... but I just signed up (under you), and hopefully I'll catch a deal in the future!

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