Just a Peek and then it's gone....

... the Lord is really testing our patience this year when it comes to the weather!  We are lucky to get a peek of the sun and a taste of the warmth and then ---- it's gone again.  I for one need a steady dose of vitamin D so that I can stock it up for next winter!  This is what happens at our house after a very long, cold, wet fall and winter:

It was barely 65 degrees out and they were suppose to be doing school, but they decided to take their 20 minute lunch break in the sun on the deck.  Pretty blinding, huh?  Those are some white boys!  Just wait till September rolls around and they have been outside all summer playing ball and swimming ---- they will look more like Cooper! 

How about some updates? 

Jordan's graduation party was a huge success!  It was so great to visit with friends and family especially those we haven't seen in a very long time!  Lots of laughter, lots of fun and even some sun breaks to keep the kids outside and happy!  I want to give a huge thank you to Sherry, Brenna, Robert, Debbie & Evie for all your help getting ready for the big party!  You made me feel very  blessed!

The Edmonds Woodway Varsity Baseball team made it to the state playoffs, but lost in the second round to Bothell.  Congratulations to all the boys and the coaches for a great season!  Summer baseball is just starting and as usual, will keep us very busy until August!

School is winding down and we have about 2 weeks left to finish up all our work from the year.  It's going to be close, but I think we will get it done!

Summer is almost here and I have been playing some more with the new Simple Stories 100 Days of Summer line --- oh my, do I ever love this collection! I think it's totally helped me to remember that summer will arrive!

These first two projects I did for a sewing tutorial over on the Simple Stories blog - hop over there and leave me some love if you get a chance!

Here are a few more projects:

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