Renewed love...

...for my camera lately.  I've been in a photo funk since January - literally only taking a handful of good photos in months.  I think the weather just had me in a funk and pictures are so much better now that the sun is out and the sky is bright!  I have literally taken over 500 pictures in the last 24 hours....I know, a little overboard, but I have a renewed love for my Canon.  So, I thought I'd share! 

Cooper took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and went rock diving in the creek:

Then we went to Austin's baseball game - it was the first game he has played in since his injury in February and it was so nice to see him back out there in his element.  You should have seen the smile on his face when coach said, "Holmes, you got the hill" ---- such a sweet moment for him.  He didn't miss a beat either --- he pitched three complete innings, only faced 10 batters.  He retired 9 hitters and one ended up on base courtesy of an infield error.  He struck out 4 batters and walked no one.  It was a solid performance for his first time back out there.  He did great at the plate too --- he was 2 for 3, one fielder's choice and one hit by pitch --- on base all 4 times at bat. 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds for him - he's going to train with the Varsity team this week as normal but play with the JV team for the rest of the week just to be sure he's 100% before rejoining the varsity team on the 18th.

Pulled the camera out again today to take more pics of Cooper - what can I say, he's a willing subject!

Managed to get Chase to join him for one:

Then Jordan & Jesse got hime from a wedding and agreed to take some shots for me too!

and one last photo of Luke & cooper sleeping in the middle of the floor --- again!

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Lucy Chesna said...

beautiful photos...she looks beautiful just like here mom

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