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Okay....so I got called out tonight.  Talked to Tommy and Emma on Skype tonight and Tom asked me what was up with my blogging.  Okay, so he's right.  What is up with my blogging?  I'd like to say I was crazy busy with life, school, kids or even scrappin' --- but that wouldn't really be the truth.  I'm just not sure, to be honest.  Blogging has just not been on my radar lately.  But, he's right, I need to get back in --- just do it! 

What better way to start than with some snapshots I took of them while we were skyping:

She is just getting so big!  She chats, laughs, sings, plays shy, and even kisses the screen when she says goodbye.  She makes me happy for hours after chatting with them.  I miss her and the kids and there isn't a day goes by that I don't think about them and wish that they were here.  Skype is great but it's just not the same.  We are still hoping to see them in May or June --- but with airfare as high as it is, it just might not be possible.  If anyone has any good connections or ideas for getting them a reasonable flight out here, PLEASE leave me a comment and share it with me.  It would mean the world to me to get them out here for a visit.

See that new beauty sitting in my driveway?  David traded in his truck for it last night.  It gets 33/42 mpg and we are hoping that it will cut back on our gas bill with all the baseball driving in our future.  I love her --- but, there is just something a new car that totally stresses me out.  It's the reworking of the budget and the insurance to start with.  Ugh..... Then there is the constant panic that someone or something will happen to it.  Wipe your feet, don't eat in the car, be careful of your backpack..... Ugh...

I know it will all pass and I do love driving it --- but man, talk about stress for me.

On the baseball front ---- Luke is working hard and having fun, Chase has been off practice for two weeks with his sinus/bronchitis issue, and Austin has been released to play but it will still be a couple weeks before he sees any time.  I really feel like spring is late in coming because baseball isn't in full swing for us yet.  And it's cold! We are lucky if we don't get rain and then when we don't it's only 40 degrees.  That is just too cold for baseball.  Soon, I am hoping for a little spring weather --- really 55 degrees would be okay.


Imaginisce is having a fun April challenge!  It's all about paper piecing - whether that is with stamps, a die cut machine or even by hand --- paper piecing is adorable!  You can find all about the challenge over on the Imaginisce Blog.  You have until the 25th to participate to qualify for the $75 prize!

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Lucy Chesna said...

OMGosh...she is getting so big..she is a cutie

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