Who would have thought that migraines were contagious? Okay, so they probably aren't, but at my house, I'm just not sure.  Jordan came home on Monday with one and then I had one yesterday.  Keep in mind, that I take medication that has a wonderful side effect of keeping my migraines at bay and I haven't had one in almost 4 years!  So thankfully, yesterday's wasn't a "kick everyone out of the house, crawl in bed, pull the covers, drug myself and sleep for 5 hours" kind of migraine.  Just had to move very slowly, not do anything too detailed, keep the sun out of my eyes, and just basically mellow out.  Actually, turned out to be a very relaxing day all around.  Funny how the Lord has a way of slowing us all down when we need it!

I had wanted to tell everyone about something exciting that happened on Monday, but just couldn't get myself to the computer for anything!  But, I'm here today and I want to share!  On Monday, I was the guest Blogger over on the Bella Blvd Blog!  It was such an honor to get to work with their fun new releases and I'm forever thankful to Stephanie for the chance! 

Here are my designs - everything was created using a fun sketch from my buddy Lucy Chesna of My Sketech World! 

Using the sketch as designed:

 Using the sketch with one photo:

Using the sketch with 3 photos:

Using the sketch with six photos:

Using the sketch for cards:

And as a gift bag:

Bella Blvd products are so versatile and so easy to work with!  I am even more excited that I still have tons of fun products to work with!  You'll be seeing more really soon! 

DO me a favor and head on over to the Bella Blog and leave me some love on Monday's post - I would be forever thankful!


Nicole said...

Glad you're feeling better today, Kim!! Congrats on your awesome Bella post! You totally rocked it!

~jan said...

Congrats on the Guestie at Bella! :) Glad to hear you werent down and out and are feeling better!

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