A Reprieve from the Storms & a little giveaway!

Life has settled down around our house and the Pacific Northwest this week.  Well, at least I hope it has! 

-The stormy weather has ceased and there is even a bit of bright skies peeking out from behind the white clouds today.  That always lifts my spirits.  Even the Cherry Blossoms are starting to bloom.  Sweet....

-The flu bug has left the Holmes house and didn't even do to much damage all considered.  Everyone is healthy and happy and ready for spring!

-Baseball is in full swing and even though Austin isn't on the field yet, it is fun to watch his team play.  Chase & Luke have finally been able to get some practices is and jamborees should finally get to be held this weekend. 

-My creativity is creepy back ....slowly.  I'm not sure where it went but I hope it enjoyed it's vacation! 

A couple things for My Mind's Eye Challenge #21:

-Couponing is going great and my only complaint is the extra pounds I have put on enjoying all the great food that is stocked in the house right now.  It's amazing how fast I went from speding almost $1000 a month on food and toiletries to $300 a month.  What's even more amazing is that we are eating much better and have a huge stockpile of toiletries to tide us over!

-The bathroom remodel is progressing - slowly but surely.  I can't wait for garage sale season to get here so I can decorate it!  I am loving the chocolate/teal/white combination and I'm thinking I'm even going to throw some yummy yellow in there!

What else?  Oh, I don't know.....life is so busy around here, I feel like I could go on forever updating everyone on everything.   But there is no time.  Jordan has her own blog now and her updates are another peek into life around the Holmes house.  In fact, her latest post gives a peek into our house about 15 years ago!  I really want to encourage her to continue blogging, so I would love it if you all would pop on over to her blog and leave her a comment!  It's a fun read, and she would be thrilled to have some feedback!  If you are so inclined --- become a follower, that would be even better!  If you do that, come on back here and leave me a comment and I will give one lucky commentor a fun scrappin' prize!  How is the 24th for a deadline? 

Jordan's blog is called --- Tales of a Wanna-be Hipster --- go check it out!  I have faith in all my followers to take the challenge - you won't be dissappointed!


Nicole said...

I love reading Jordan's blog. I used to just be a stalker, but now I'm an official follower! :)

Jordan Noel said...

Momma, you're so silly! LOVE YOU!!!

McVic said...

ok- where are you finding the coupons because Im north of you and the times stopped coupons up here!! Would love to hear your tips.

Debc06 said...

Jordan's blog is great. Reminded me of some of the things my own children did. TFS

Melissa D. said...

How wonderful to encourage the "art" of blogging! I love your blog so I am sure that Jordan's will be just as fun! I became a follower of hers too.

Ann said...

You have raised a beautiful daughter - her faith is spoken unabashedly, her writing is insightful and well-worded, her take on things is fresh and enjoyable. You must be proud!

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