Happy Spring!

Ahh....spring is in the air here in the Pacific Northwest!  I have no doubts that the rain and cold weather will return to taunt us, but for now, we are enjoying the brief sneak of spring with some mild temps and breaks of sunshine!  Of course, what would spring be without the crud going through our house which it is right now!  Congestion, coughing, sneezing, sinus headaches --- the whole deal is pounding the kids right now.  Thankfully, they are resilient and strong and will be done with it before you know it.

Some things to take card of ----

First off the winner of my challenge to go check out Jordan's Blog is.....Ann!  Ann if you drop me an email to theholmescrew@comcast.net, I will mail you off some scrappin' goodies!  Thanks to everyone who went over and checked out her blog.  I really am extrememly proud of my girl!

Next a design to share with you...

Finally, another story for you about couponing and being a super saver....

The biggest hurdle to get over when you decide to be an excessive coupon saver is the attitude that you get from most of the checkers.  Don't get me wrong, there are some fabulous checkers out there at many different stores who are helpful, encouraging, and happy that you are working the system to save money.  In fact, I have found that if you take the time to plan well, are extrememly happy and confident, and engage them in conversation, they immediately come over to your side and the transaction goes well.  But then there are those checkers that act like you are a criminal - they act like you are stealing directly from them!  These folks always make me crazy and sad, in fact.  I wish they could understand that it's a way of life for those of us that need to save some money for our families and that we aren't doing anything wrong.  I for one, go to the extreme to make sure I am doing everything right and that I'm not getting more or less than is legal. 

Anyway, I digress..... this is a story of an amazing checker.  I was at Target last night.  Now Target has their own coupons that you can print out from their site --- when you combine these with regular manufacturer coupons, you can sometimes get great deals!  So last night, I did my shopping and proceded to the cashier and handed her a huge stack of coupons.  She didn't even flinch.  In fact, she started out by scanning a coupon she had at the register from a previous customer that didn't want it. It immediately took off $1 from my balance.   Then I watched my balance go up and up and up to almost $50.  Then I watched my balance go down as she ran the coupons - down to about $5.  I was just about to run my Target gift card through the scanner when she hit the subtotal button and another coupon printed out of her catalina machine.  She immediately backed the transaction up and scanned that coupon too!  It took off another $3 and made my grand total $2.18 - almost all of which was tax!  I thanked her and she just smiled and told me to have a great day!  She was great!

Here is my picture of my transaction and some of the details:

Huggies Diapers - size 1 - baby shower gift - $8.00 less $2.00 coupon and $2.50 Target coupon - $3.50
Toddler Socks - $1 each less four $1 Target coupons - FREE
Hanes t-shirts - 2 pack - Clearance priced at $2.68 less $1.00 Target coupon - $1.68
Secret Clinical Deoderant - 2 for $4.98 less $3.00 and $2.00 coupon - FREE
Light bulbs - Clearance priced at $1.64 each - less three Target coupons for $1.50 each - $0.14 each
Excedrin - $3.64 each - lesss $3.00 Target coupons and $0.75 regular coupons - FREE
Target Ibuphrofen - $0.97 a box with four $1.00 Target coupons - FREE
Soft Scrub - Sale for $2.49 each - less two $1.50 off Target coupons and two regular $1.00 coupons - FREE
Granola Bars - $1.00 box less $1.50 off three Target coupon and three $0.50 regular coupons - FREE

Less the mystery $3.00 and $1.00 coupons the cashier scanned!


Erica Hettwer said...

That's awesome! :)

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! I'd contact Target to commend her ... I'm sure they here a bunch of cranky cashier stories so a nice one would be a change.

I normally "warn" them in the beginning... "I'm sorry, I have a ton of coupons" just to give them a heads up ... seems like it works most of the time, except when someone's cranky. :)

Lydia said...

Couponing is amazing where you guys are, we don't have that as much in canada since most of our coupon print {limit one per customer} and {not to be used with any other promotions.......watching you guys do it is always unbelievable!! Good for you!!

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