Fun Times in Los Angeles!

We arrived in LA on Wednesday afternoon and it has been non-stop fun and work ever since!  But, this kind of work just makes me a happy girl.  There are so many amazing new products and designs out in the market today and I am itching to get back to my art loft to start creating!  But let me give you a quick recap so far:

Day 1:

We arrived in the afternoon and after finding our condo and going grocery shopping, we ventured to the Santa Monica Pier:

The sunset:

The pier:

The girl:

The machine:

The wheel:

Day 2:

Started off in the Los Angeles Garment District looking for fabric for Brenna's comforter ---- imagine about 40 shops in a 3 block area that all look like this:

Then we ventured to the city of Orange to do some antique shopping and eat at our favorite BBQ restaurant.  We had a little bit of mayhem....

But then we topped it off with a cupcake ---- even a happy birthday to me cupcake! (thanks, Ms. Sherry!)

Day 3:

We had a full day of classes --- Marah Johnson, Jenni Bowlin, and many other fabulous teachers.  I don't have anyfun pics of class day --- but I have some fun projects to share and I learned some fun new techniques!

Day 4: 

The first day of CHA and it is chaos on the floor.  So many people and some many things --- and let me tell you.... not enough time.  It was go go go from 7am till 9pm and I don't have any pictures to show for it!  But I do have my favorite paper line to share with you:

Ahh....Crate Paper.  You have my heart.  This is my favorite paper line of the show, the Toy Box Collection.  Look at these fun chipboard shapes:

This was kind of fun....seeing my stuff up in the booths:

Night all......

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Ann said...

It must be pretty incredible to not only attend CHA, not only to work it, but also to see your beautiful creations being chosen as the best to showcase a manufacturer's product range. Congratulations!

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