I fell off the face of the earth, were you worried?  Actually, I have just been crazy busy creating assignments for the new products being released for CHA next week!  The Winter Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show starts this Saturday in LA!  I head out of town on Wednesday morning with my buddies for a week of warmer weather --- well, I'm hopeful!  I could use a little dose of Vitamin D. 

Wouldn't you know that 2 days before I am scheduled to leave, I would start to have credit card issues.  ---Skip the following if you don't want to listen to my ranting----

We pay everything by Visa --- and pay it off every month.  I have NEVER had any issues until last night.  I was balancing the checkbook and paying bills before I leave and the card kept getting declined.  I went online and my account looked fine.  I let it go -- thinking it was Sunday night and there might be a glitch or something.  I got back online this morning and was able to pay that bill just fine.  I thought all was well.  Then David called me and said he was declined at the gas station this morning -- twice!  So, I call the Bank of America.  Turns out that my account (and supposedly 800,000 others) were compormised by a website last week and they are issuing us new cards - and closing our old ones.  They didn't contact us to tell us because there were too many of us!  WTF?  I blew a fuse and started telling the poor little gal on the other end of the phone what I thought about that!  With all the technology --- they couldn't send and email - a text - or even place a note on my online account to tell me to give them a call?  They just shut off the cards --- without ANY explanation at all!  I am furious!  She said that we should have been able to continue using them at MOST places ---- um....that doesn't work for me!  Then I explained that I am leaving town and just what am I suppose to do for a credit card?  To her credit, she solved that problem for me and is FEDEXing me new cards overnight and I should have them tomorrow.  After this little fiasco --- I am pretty sure I'm changing credit card companies. 

Okay RANT over --- you can come back to my happy place.

Scrappin Sports and More has some fun new papers out and I want to leave you with a layout I created for their booth at the show:


Erica Hettwer said...

That is so frustrating!!! I've got a Nordstrom's Visa and I love their service. They actually called me to tell me that there was some suspicious activity on my card and we got it taken care of right away.

Love your soccer layout! I wish I could see it a CHA. Someday! :)

Kim said...

Love your soccer page! Sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope you have a wonderful time in California and soak up that vitamin D! Enjoy:)

My Hideaway said...

I love this soccer layout! All of your work is always so beautiful!

I've awarded you with the Stylish Blogger award!! All you have to do is post a link back to my blog with 8 things we should know about you and 8 bloggers you would like to give this award to as well!! Don't forget to let them all know on their blogs too! Congrats. =-)

Ann said...

I totally get why you were forced to rant - we had a debit card compromised but the bank called us before we were even aware of it, and had the problem straightened out pronto. I hope you get better service with your new company. Meantime, enjoy CHA - hope you get some time outside, not stuck in an exhibitors' hall all the time. Take care, Ann

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