I'm a Bella Artista!

It's Official!  The first post has gone live over on the Bella Blvd Blog and I am so excited!  Today they are featuring a fun layout I did about Jordan and her soccer team over at Northwest University - make sure to go on over and check it out along with the other December Artista's!  Leave me a comment on the blog and let me know what you think!  I would love that!

Another fun thing that just happened to us - David won the City Light Hero Award at work for his participation in saving a co-workers life last summer.  He totally deserved it, he is my hero after all!  There was a big ceremony at the City Hall downtown and he will even get a monetary prize!  How cool.  Waiting on some pictures.


Anonymous said...

yay for bella blvd!!!
and big yay for david!
he's such an amazing man!
so lucky you have him...

GinniG said...

CONGRATS to BOTH of you!!!! You both deserve the awards!!! Off to check out your Bella post! Luv ya Kim! :) Merry Christmas!!!

ScrappingMomOf3 said...

I saw you on the Bella blog... great job with the layout!

cindy said...

That's great Kim. I will head over to Bekka Blvd for you,

Jennifer said...

So proud of you friend ... and YAY for David!

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