Baking Day

ah...baking day 2010 is history.  We made carmel corn, truffles, pumpkin bread, peppermint bark, and 5 different christmas cookies .  We enjoyed apple cider, homemade soup, and licked lots of beaters!  Even though Jordan & I were under the weather and David & Austin were under the house fixing a broken pipe, we made it through.  Luke ate way too much sugar and tried everything that was even considered an ingredient for a cookie or candy! That included red food coloring and molassis!  Funny how he will try molassis but won't eat a cooked carrot! 

We started off the day with a trip to Home Depot to buy the supplies for the broken pipe and another Christmas Tree for the family room.  We were treated to Starbucks by Jordan and her book buyback money from school!

Then we hit the office supply store for a 2011 calendar, the pet store for presents for all our 4 legged friends, Big 5 Sporting Goods for new shoes for Austin & David and Safeway for the rest of our baking supplies.  Then we spent the next 7 hours baking.  There were times when Jordan & I were sitting on chairs in the kitchen because we both have bad backs tonight -- but we made it! I'm exhausted but it was a fun family day.

A little toast with some sparkling apple cider:

Jordan painted Luke's face with frosting:

With David occupied under the house, Austin took over the caramel cooking --- stirred for over 12 minutes:

20 quarts of caramel corn:

These were my favorite cookies - peppermint gingerbread:

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Keely Yowler said...

Happy Holidays, Kim! So happy to be designing with you at Imaginisce!

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