Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Austin,
Happy Birthday to You!

Happy 16, Bud. Time for a little reminiscing....

- You were a sweet natured baby, so easy & sweet.  Even with the broken collar-bone that you were born with, you were always so happy.  You were the best sleeper, the best eater, and the best baby - always content to be hanging out with your family, just like today.
- You have taught me the meaning of perseverance.  You power through even when life gets tough and becomes a struggle.  You never give up --- you just try harder.  I love that about you. 
- You have an amazing ability to love unconditionally like the Lord loves you.  You are kind and loving to everyone and go out of your way to be a good friend, a good son and a good servant. 
- Your love of baseball started very early --- you would hang out in the baby backpack while your dad coached Travis' team --- you would sit in your baby seat and watch the Mariner's on TV --- and you could throw the baseball at 18 months, thanks to your Great-Grandma! 

I love you tons, and of course, you will always be my baby boy.


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday, Austin!!!

Lucy Chesna said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Sherri said...

aw, he's a cutie.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome son!


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