Couple of Layouts for You!

I have a lot to share --- but still working on getting some pictures taken and photoshopped!  Here are a few to get you started:

Challenge #17 on the My Mind's Eye Blog this week is about Lessons Learned --- following this sketch by Anam Stubbington, here is what I came up with after rotating the sketch 90 degrees:

This one was just for fun --- love this picture of Jordan with the pets all sacked out and cozy in front of the fire:

When we go on retreat, we play a few scrappin' games to keep the energy level up in the room.  My favorite is the round robin game.  Everyone pics out a photo and a piece of paper for the background.  Then we pass it to our left.  That person has 5 minutes to work on the layout before we pass it to the left again!  We continue to pass it to the left every 5 minutes until everyone has worked on every layout.  It's a fabulous time!  When you get your layout back, it is compilation of everyone's style!  Here is the layout that completed with my photo:

Pretty Cute, huh?

This next layout was made with some adorable Pebbles - Tree House paper that I found at a little scrapbook store in Iowa while I was there.  Love that banner of birdhouses!

I'll some more for you in a few days!

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Anonymous said...

Your layouts look wonderful - and I love your cropping game, how fun!
Talk about having to let go...

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