Sign of Fall

Last night when the temps outside for hovering around 50 degrees and the rain was falling in buckets, we were cozy and warm inside enjoying our first blazing fire of the fall season.  It didn't take long for the pets to figure out where the cozy spot was:

And like the rest of us, the heat from the fireplace had them sound asleep within minutes!  Cooper was so out, that he didn't even know that Ethel was right behind him!  Ethel thought it was worth the risk to be cozy and warm.  I love a hot fire and I'm very thankful for the 2 cords of wood that is stacked outside promising to keep us warm through the winter.

On a different note, there is a bit of family drama happening around here and my buddy Sherry sent me this quote:

I can't control the waves, but I can learn to surf! 

So that is my new motto --- it might even make it to vinyl and up onto my wall!  I also was reminded that obstacles, drama, and stress make us stronger --- I've decided that I'm strong enough and don't need any more opportunities to grow stronger!

Today over on the Design Team Blog at A Walk Down Memory Lane, I posted a little masking tutorial.   I wanted to share my layout here too:


Anonymous said...

We aren't turning on the furnace and no fire in the fireplace yet either. Where did your wood come from? We can't seem to find a supplier with a decent price. We bought a little bit of wood to get us started, we need a ton more...I don't want p s e getting our money this year!!!

Jackie said...

Wow, just love that layout, precious lil face. Your cat looks just like my Missi but my cat would NEVER curl up with anyone like that.

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