Back to School!

Next week is our official back to school week but I have been working on school plans for a few days already.  I can honestly say that buying new supplies is still my absolute favorite part of back to school time!  Of course, these days parents are responsible for providing EVERYTHING you can even imagine.  As homeschoolers, we don't have to worry about those lists too much.  I do go to the office supply store and check out all their great back to school sales though!  Yesterday we got spiral notebooks for 5 cents each!  There was a limit of 3 per person, luckily I had all the boys with me!  We also got a package of notebook paper for a penny!  I know those sales are to get you in the door and that hopefully you will spend tons more, but we didn't!  We spent a whopping 98 cents and got 3 bags worth of stuff!  LOVE IT!

But, I digress...remember when you were in school and you received a new pack of crayons?  Not the mega pack with all the obscure colors, but the 8 or 10 pack of the basics? That was such a happy day in my life!  A new set of crayons held so many possibilities.  I was always drawn to the red, blue & yellow.  At the time, I didn't realize those were the PRIMARY colors -- the colors that make up all the other colors in this wonderful world.  I just loved them.  I still do.  Nothing makes me happier than working with the basics.

So my challenge today is all about the Primary colors.  If you head on over to My Sketch World and take a peak under the Challenge section, you will find out all about it!  I hope you will play along!

Here is my sample layout for you:

The brand new papers from Reminisce are perfect for my challenge!  Making the Grade is an amazing new product line that works for all ages, kindergarten through college!  I made a few composition books too:


Carla Clark said...

Love your comp books. They look great! And love that apple prop :)

Diana said...

FUN layout and comp books! Doncha just love getting a deal and sticking to it?! :)

Anonymous said...

I was just at the office store last week and thought the same thing! i remember how happy i was getting a new box of crayons! awww the simple joys of life!! :)
<3 ya!

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