Ahhh.... Warm Fall Evenings & Baseball!

It's no surprise that the Holmes Crew loves baseball.  Whether it's t-ball, high school, college or the pros -- we are all about baseball.  We love the Mariner's --- whether they are winning or losing --- we love them.  Of course, it totally makes it easier if they are winning!  But, alas, they aren't and attending a Mariner's game isn't what it used to be.  The stands aren't full and the crowd isn't as loud -- but they still bring a smile to everyone in this house!  There is just something magical about being there in that big stadium that brings the joy back into life.  Just think about all those baseball players out there on the field and their childhood dreams to be a big league ball player.  They are all living those dreams --- real life proof that they do come true.  I know all my boys have dreamed that dream at least once in their life --- and a couple of them still dream it.  If I close my eyes, I can see one of them on the mound or at the plate.  How stinkin' cool would that be?  Okay --- so maybe it's the mom in this house that dreams that dream!

So this post is one big THANK YOU to my friend, Kim, who thought of us when she had 4 tickets to 2 different games and sent them our way!  We had a great couple of evenings in the fall air watching baseball and thinking of those dreams!

The first night, David took the boys:

The second night, David & I went with Travis & Michelle:

Did I mention how great our seats were?  Well, they were fantastic!  We were 3 rows from the field and everyone was real life size!  Ichiro was right in front of us and that was a real treat!

So, again, thanks to Kimmy for the special family treat!  It was even better when we found FREE parking both nights!  Whhooo Hooo!

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Kimberly said...

Diamond Club? Been there a couple times years ago- Baseball at it's best!!! I think those warm evenings might be over :(

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