Trying to Catch Up!

I'm so far behind on processing my photos -- but I'm trying to catch up a little at a time.  So, here is my first batch for you - these are from the softball tournament that David played in a few weeks back with his company team.  We ended up spending the night at the park in the trailer in 95 degree heat!  It was just David, me & Luke and we had a great time anyway!

We were in Orting, Washington in the shadow of Mt. Rainer - it was stunning!

The team:

David on the field:

It was called BOZO softball and they did strange, fun things during each game.  For example, they had one kick ball inning  which was right up Luke's alley:

The small amount of shade that was available -- look really close:

See Luke?  Snuggled up with the dog from the neighbor's campsite!

It finally cooled off in the evening, and the morning was perfect!

We headed into town after the games to cool off:

A little football too:

and a little showing off:

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