I Should Know Better

You would think by now I would know better than to think I will have time during CHA to check in and blog!  I always think it's going to work out that way, but I'm always so exhausted by 10pm that all I want to do is sleep!  You will have to forgive me for saying that I would be back "tomorrow" and really having it take me 6 days to get another post up! 

I spent the day recovering yesterday - slept in, unpacked, reorganized, went grocery shopping and hung out with the family. It was a gloriously lazy day spent getting back in the groove of life here in Washington.  I even got a chance to Photoshop of pictures from the trip to Chicago! 

Jordan & I 35,000 feet about the ground heading to Chicago:

plane ride

After hotel check-in and dinner we hit the local theater:


Let the show begin with a Tattered Angels Make & Take:


Jordan's favorite stuff at the show - Alice of course from Graphic 45:


alice 2

Exhaustion setting in after the first 8 hours of the show:


Some of the Imaginisce Design Team with the crew at the booth:

maginisce ladies

After a fun event and dinner with Lori and the Imaginisce staff, we headed back to the hotel to fine the Dixie Pieces Leaders hard at work choosing paper for their new kits!

kit works

I'm not sure what happened to taking pictures on day #2 of the show, but somehow I didn't end up with any. Same ole stuff from the first day, I guess! We headed to dinner on Wednesday with Sherry, Brenna, Robert and Aubrey --- to the Texas Roadhouse! Yummy! That was adventure enough -- but I didn't know the REAL adventure was still to come!

After dinner, we headed to the Navy Pier just in time to see some fun fireworks, hit a major traffic jam and almost pay $12 for a 5 minute stay in the parking garage! As we were heading out of town, I remembered that they are filming Transformers 3 in Chitown this month. So, with the help of Brenna's iphone, Sherry's GPS, Jordan's keen eye and Robert's patience -- we drove around Chicago for almost 2 more hours looking for "stuff" from the movie. It wasn't hard to find once we started looking. There were security people on the street corners watching over stuff that couldn't be moved. Turns out we had arrived just in time for their 2 days off from filming --- bummer --- but we still had fun checking out all the fake props around town.

Building parts made of styrofoam:


lot 3

Semi-trucks parked in alleyways:


More explosion scenes:

lot 2

What you can't see in those pics are all the smashed cars, strollers, bus stops etc. that all the styrofoam pieces have "crushed". It's all pretty cool how they make it look so real!

After a long fun night we woke up to day #3 of the show. Our first stop was the the Sizzix booth and we were happily surprised to arrive just in time for a Tim Holtz giveaway:

holtz 4-6

Not quite as exciting but just as cute -- was this feathered friend:


After the show, we hung out with the Groves till they left for the airport and then packed for the check out the next morning.

We woke up on our last day and headed to the City --- with our goal being the Lincoln Park Zoo and the polar bears.


We saw:





but the polar bear was no where to be found - which made for a very sad Jordan:

sad face

She perked up though as soon as we found a real Starbucks:

mango juice

All that was left of our trip was to head to the airport,return to the clouds and head home!



anazelia said...

looks like such a great time.

cindyn said...

Great pictures Kim!! So happy to meet you at CHA and looking forward to really chatting in October!!

GinniG said...

WOW! And you did all this after a wild weekend in Houston with us MSW ladies! Had GREAT fun meeting you! Glad you had so much fun at CHA and that you found time to share with us! Hope your life gets calmer now. :)

ScrappingMomOf3 said...

I'm so jealous... wish I could meet Tim!

Krista said...

These are so cute - TFS! I miss you guys!

perezmom said...

Love the play by play day by day - you must be exhausted! Miss you bunches!

Kimberly said...

All we visited was American Girl Place and got frustrated trying to drive around downtwon Chi with a trailer on the back of the car!!! Now we'll have to go back and see the rest!!

My nephew is going to film school in LA and is working on film projects this summer, he's been to Flordida once and is going to Boston in the fall.... Hmmmm that's in a song...He wants to be in on the producing/directing side of things.

Bev said...

amazing photos and looks like major fun at CHA..

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