Dog sitting a English Bull Mastiff puppy for a few days --- look how adorable he is:


Cooper is a bit jealous but for the most part enjoying having a buddy to play with:

skunder & coop

Austin is doing the dog sitting so he can have some more funds for his Church trip to California in a couple weeks. He has to carry a towel with him at all times --- the slobber from Skunder is nonstop!

The girls took some fun photos the other day and then I had even more fun photoshopping them and playing with the goodies over at BEFUNKY.com.

The original:

girls cons 5-7

After messing around with it:

girls cons 5-7_Sunburst_3

girls cons 5-7_Grunge_4

Fun huh?


anazelia said...

OMG he is a puppy? My goodness. Good luck with that. LOL

NanaBeth said...

What an unbelievable face-those eyes reach right out and touch your heart.

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