Chicago Bound

It's been a whole week since I updated my blog ---- but it's been so crazy!  As I type, I am 35,000 feet in the air on my way to Chicago with Jordan for the CHA - Craft & Hobby Association Summer Show.  We are excited to spent some time together and see all the new products that will be arriving in the stores soon.  This is Jordan's last week before preseason soccer starts and school will be right around the corner.  I am thankful for the time with her before her life gets crazy busy again.

But, just what kept me so busy last week?  Well --- let me tell you!  It's tough to pack for 2 back to back trips -- but that's what I did!  The first part of the week I spent getting all my scrappin assignments done and uploaded -- then moved on for packing for Houston.  Houston?  Yep, Houston.  I flew out on Friday to spend the weekend with my buddies from My Sketch World  in Houston.  We did a lot of screaming, hugging, laughing, scrappin' and crying --- one fantastic time!  Once things settle down, I will get photos posted and give you some stories --- there were a lot of hysterical moments! 

I flew home to Seattle last night at 9pm - unpacked, repacked, hugged on my boys and husband, spent a glorious 7 hours sleeping in my own bed, and then headed back to the airport this morning at 6am.  Now, I am flying over Montana about 2 hours from touching down in Chcago.  It's been a whirlwind 3 days with no end in site till Friday night at 10pm when we arrive back home. 

I will take tons of photos and give you my top twn highlights of the show --- check pack in tomorrow!


LisaVB said...

Hey girlie! So glad to hear you had a great time in Houston! I'm at the Crowne Plaza. Does it work to do lunch sometime Tuesday or Wednesday?? Call my cell 605-321-8196
Hope to see you!

Bev said...

Amazing time with you in Houston. So glad to have meet in person. Looking forward to this being a yearly thing. ... hugs Bev
ps hope you had a great time at CHA

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