Too much Testosterone!

My husband is the best father out there. Really -- but get him in a ping pong tournament and it's bye bye Mr. Perfect father! I mean, after all --- he has taught them all by example and he hates to lose! When you combine ping pong and testosterone you get a whole lot of intense competition! There was match after match, and rematch after rematch and I want to play you and they you can play him and .... on and on and on.

The girls stayed out of it and had ourselves a little marshmellow roasting over the BBQ! Did you know that they make X-Large marshmellows now? Oh my, were they ever good!

smore photos

Sarah smore 5-7

Father's Day was perfect --- a lazy morning, a great dinner of BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers with grilled onions and avocados, smore's for dessert, a ping pong tournament, Rock Band, some darts and then a movie. We hung out for almost 5 hours enjoying all the kids and their stories. David was in Heaven --- he even won some of those ping pong games --- he's still got it!

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