Sunshine, Baseball and the Beach!

Sweet summertime ---- love the sun, love the ballpark, and love the beach! I got to have all three today and that makes me one happy girl! Headed to the ballpark this afternoon for a game with Austin & the Bombers. We were praying big for a win so that they would have tomorrow off and I could attend a friends open house -- but they couldn't pull it off. The loss means that they will play 2 games tomorrow and coupled with Chase's All-Star game, the party is not going to happen for me. I am pretty bummed about that -- sorry, friend :(.

But, we did get home in time to take Coop to the Beach - Dog Park. He is so funny down there. He struts his stuff and protects his stick at all costs. He hovers over the stick like it's gold and barks if any other pup comes close! Man, does he like the water! We like to say that he is the "BIG DOG ON THE BEACH-BDOB":

ocean 5-7

David & Luke have tons of fun down there too:

david luke

Sure hope everyone enjoyed the summer day today ---

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