Saying Goodbye...

...to an old friend tonight. He has faithfully been by my side for the last 7 years. I don't know what I would have done without him. He was tough and made it through battles with ocean waters, sandy beaches, chlorinated pools, greasy fingers, clumsy children, baggage handlers, xray machines, and amateur photographers. He has documented hundreds of events including birthdays, graduations, holidays and memorial services. He has produced thousands and thousands of gorgeous photographs that provide an endless amount of wonderful memories. He has been faithful and could always bring a smile to my face. It's time for him to retire, to take a break from the daily non-stop use I put him through. He can relax now and teach my boys how to take the perfect shot - help them fall in love with photography like I did. He was my first big purchase, my first real camera and I will always remember him fondly.

camera 5-7

But - let's not dwell! I am the proud new owner of a Canon 30D and I am so darn excited! About 7 years ago, I introduced my neighbor to the world of Canon DSLR cameras and she has been hooked ever since. She is an amazing photographer and just recently upgraded to the 50D. She knew that I was saving up for a replacement camera and decided that she would pass on her 30D when she upgraded! Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? In addition, she is loaning me her class manuals so I can get up to speed with everything the camera has to offer! I am diving in tonight!

The speed is lightning quick and the photos are so crisp and clear! Just check out the details in that photo of my original camera! I'm in Heaven! Here are a few shots that Jordan & I took while we were playing with it today!

Cooper was an easy guinea pig:

coop talking

I love that it takes so many shots consecutively that it captured that look on Coop's face --- almost like he's talking!

bone coop

So that money I had been saving up? I used it to buy a new lens so that the old camera could keep it's lens and be a complete unit. Look at these gorgeous macro shots Jordan took with the new lens!






I had to go to my favorite etsy store, Cotton Candy and buy this:

Won't that look sharp on my new baby?


Sherry Grove said...

ooohhh boy! you're gonna have fun now! :)

Amanda Ann said...

Eeeek!! Yay for the new camera!!! <3

Jennifer said...

Woo hoo... congrats friend!!

Vicki said...

Great photos with your new camera, Kim! Your neighbor is so sweet.

GinniG said...

What a WONDERFUL blessing!!! I want a neighbor like that! Hehe! You already create awesome things so I can only imagine how much MORE awesome your creations will be now! And how wonderful that it's just in time for you to practice for Houston! :) Can't WAIT to meet you IRL finally!!! Enjoy!!!

~jan said...

How wonderful! Loving the photos you've captured already!

Lucy Chesna said...


Michelle said...

You're the perfect recipient! I can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

SUPER jealous!!!! You should let me borrow the old one sometime... I have some ideas i'd LOVE to capture with a good camera!! :D enjoy the new baby!!

Love ya!

Star Rork said...

Im jealous, I need a uber awesome friend like that!

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