Beware -- Photo Heavy Post!

The kids headed back home to Missouri on Friday and after a fun, busy week of hanging out, it took my a few days to regroup! I think I'm back in the swing of everyday life and even got a chance to go through my mountain of pics and get them sent off for printing!

We had a great time visiting with Tom & Angie and getting to know Emma. She is adorable, sweet, and funny and I'm sure there is no doubt that I'm in love. I really appreciate Tom & Angie spending their vacation up here so we all could get our baby fix. She was tons of fun -- she had all of us wrapped around her little finger within minutes. She is pretty darn special!

pigtails 5-7

cheezy grin

jordan emma 4-6


luke emma 5-7

austin emma

grandpa 5-7

one happy grandpa

I think she got to know us all pretty well, but do you know who her favorite was? She loved Cooper! They were inseparable the whole time. He followed her around, played with her and protected her from the first moment she stepped in the house. She could take the bone right out of his mouth and he would let her. He was amazingly gentle and sweet with her.

friends 2 4-6

glass friends 5-7


The family party was fun - didn't get tons of photos because I was too busy hanging on to Emma (okay so I don't share well - whatever!). It was great to see everyone and everyone had a great time.

girls 5-7

We took our share of family photos - or at least tried to take them. It's getting extrememly difficult to get everyone together since there are so many of us! Then when we do, well it's comical to say the least!

Grandma Helen and all her grandchildren (Travis is missing in this one!):


Four generations of Holmes:


All of our kids and their significant others (missing Michelle!):

kids 5-7


The kids decided we should get together for breakfast bright and early on Friday morning (6am!) to see the kids off to the airport. I love that it wasn't my idea, having them all together because they wanted to be together but then having to kiss the kids goodbye and watch them drive away -- happy & sad all at the same time!

Emma cuddled with Jordan on the couch while she tried to wake up:


emma luke cherries 5-7

Check out all the bedhead:

breakfast 5-7

kids david 5-7

To wrap it up some more adorable shots of Emma -- oh and it you are wondering -- this is only about 10% of the photos that I got printed!

pink emma





sleepy baby

silly girl

upside down

sleepy emma


Nicole said...

I have been waiting all week for this very post! She is beautiful (as is the rest of your family) and I am so glad you all had such a great visit! I can't wait to see what happens when you get scrappy with these photos!!

Elaine said...

Hi Kim,
Your family is beautiful and the photos are priceless! I can see why you couldn't put the little sweet pea down the whole time! I'd be the same way! :) Thanks for sharing them and now that summer is over you have time to scrap them all! ;-)

perezmom said...

Just precious!


Suzy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pics, Kim ... so glad you had a great week!

Michelle said...

im She is just beautiful! I cam e and checked your blog just so I could see more pics so thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Moore said...

Emma is too cute!

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