Sad - Spring Break is Over!

Yep, it's back to the grind tomorrow. Work, School, sports and all the other committments that keep us crazy busy. What would be do without them all? Oh, wait ---- that's called summer! Let the countdown begin!

Even though we stayed pretty close to home this break, I did manage to get some fun pics along the way! Going to break up these posts over the next few days!

Last weekend we spent some time with good friends over at their home in Hood Canal --- despite the rain, we had a great time. Good food, good friends, and good laughs ---- that's all we ever need! We even had an early Easter Egg Hunt:

egg hunt 2 5-7

egg hunt 5-7

Yes, even Travis joined in on the hunt!

There was so much candy --- it was overflowing out of everyone's baskets. Massive amounts for everyone!

austin candy 5-7

Then the kids decided to play a little Texas Hold 'em with their candy stashes. Seemed harmless enough. Yeah, right. Right after this sweet picture was taken with smiles all around -----


disaster happened.

poker 2

See that pair of aces on the board? Well, one child - who shall remain nameless - had another ace in his hand. Thinking there was no way he could lose, he bet almost all his candy. Well, guess what? His opponent, who had no idea what he was doing, ended up with a straight and won all the candy! Oh, my gosh --- you would have thought the world ended. Needless to say, we had an impromptu lesson on the horrors of gambling and us parents chalked that up to a lesson learned. We won't be allowing that again anytime soon!

Some more fun shots from the day:

These two girls always make my day --- they make me laugh, keep me in line, and remind me how much fun it is to have sisters! I wish we got a chance to hang out more often!


group 5-7

It was so much fun to have all the kids together again --- seems like yesterday that Luke & Richie were learning to walk, Travis was learning to drive the tractor, and Jordan was learning to play Gin Rummy. We love you DIck & Julie and we miss you every day! We love your log cabin hideaway but we wish everyday that you were still next door!

bunny group 5-7

That was weekend number one of spring break! More to come tomorrow!

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Sassette said...

Looks like a fun Easter weekend! You got some great photos for some great layouts in the coming weeks! Can't wait to see what you will create with these!

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