Really -- a week?

A whole week? Yes, a whole week. I'm sorry, but if it makes a difference --- the next week will bring at least a post a day! I have been swapped with baseball, birthday parties, a husband with an injury and Design Team assignments - most that I can't share - but I will make it up to you!

Let's see --- baseball.

Austin -- Austin came in as a relief pitcher in the bottom of the 2nd inning with bases loaded and 2 outs. The other team had already scored 11 runs. It wasn't pretty. But, he was on his game. In the next 4 innings, he faced only 14 batters and retired 13 of them. He only allowed one hit, didn't walk anyone, and struck out 4. The rest grounded out or popped out after thinking they could hit his curve ball. Yeah, right. The team still lost the game 11-6 but the other team left scratching their heads and wondering where he came from! I loved every moment of it.

Chase -- Chase's team is doing fabulous! Coach Todd has them working like one unit and I have to admit, I didn't see the season playing out this way. They are like 10-2 and Chase has been playing a lot of 1st base, 2nd base and left field. His bat is coming around and he has been smoking it. His RBI count is somewhere in the high teens and he can really be counted on to do what it takes. Best of all, he loves the game and can learn from everything, good or bad.

Luke -- Luke's team is a work in progress. David is the assistant coach and he arrives home pretty frustrated on a daily basis. It's tough at that age when the kids don't want to be there and they certainly don't want to pay attention or be disciplined. Luke and Jonathan are the role models and try to keep the other kids from hanging their heads, voicing their opinions, or being distracted. It's a pretty tall order. On a good note, Luke pitched his first 2 innings the other day and did a great job. On top of that, he has laid down 2 perfect bunts for base hits. Everything in time, right?

My baby turned ten last weekend -- yes, my baby -- is ten. Ugh, is all I can say about that. Just imagine - in 10 more years, he will be away at college and the house will be empty. I just can't wrap my head around that. But it does make me try to slow life down and enjoy every moment that my kiddos want to be with me. I try to sit every night and cuddle with at least on of them -- yes, cuddle. I am blessed that they will still sit with me and put their heads on my shoulder and hang out.

Here is a picture for you:

birthday boy

Check back tomorrow for a rundown of all the National Scrapbook Day Festivites that I have planned!

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