Sunday Catch Up!

Yeah for crossing stuff off our list today! The most important thing that we did was get a car for Jordan! She finally bit the bullet and used her graduation money to buy a car. It's just a commuter car, but it will help out with all the transportation issues we have been having so far this spring!

Meet Franklin - (yes, she knows that cars should be girls, but she is sure this one's a boy.)


It's in great shape and even has a cool stereo and ipod jack! Now to teach her how to drive a clutch!

In addition to the car, we caught up on laundry, paid the bills, balanced the checkbook and even had time to relax a bit.

One thing I got off my list was to send in my application to the Jillibean Design Team Call. Their products are amazing and it would be so cool to get a chance to work with them. I thought I'd share my designs with you:

Farm Hand

funny farm

smile card

and a couple older layouts from last year --- I love their kraft paper lines and those fabulous journaling spots!


two of a Kind

I'm sure the response to their Design Team Call will have tons and tons of great applicants - good luck to everyone!


Sue said...

Good Luck Kim!! Gorgeous stuff!! They would be crazy not to pick you!!

Melissa said...

wow... I love the layouts! Beautiful work!

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