A New Day!

I know the way --- the way the 20 pounds creeps on and the way to get the 20 pounds off. I wake up many days and think, this is the day ---- the day I get back on track ---- the day I eat better ---- the day I exercise ---- the day (well, you can fill in the blank)! By lunch time those thoughts are somehow forgotten and my health gets put on the back burner because ---- well, it just takes work.

A friend of mine told me that I was worth the work yesterday --- that I could make the time and set aside the time for me. That my life and family would move along just fine without me for the small amount of time it would take me to get on my treadmill, cook a good meal, track my food, etc. She's right, of course. Not having time is an excuse -- a crutch that I give myself so that I can eat comfort food and lounge around on the couch. After all, who wants to sweat -- not me.

So really, for me it comes down to desire --- I don't expect miracles --- but I do WANT to be healthier, happier and thinner. So today is a new day. It's almost 1:00pm in the afternoon and I am still thinking about it. The plan is still on the front burner of my life today and I am workin' the PLAN! Jordan & I have signed back up for Weight Watchers, I am drinking my water and my friends can hold me accountable. Here we go!

The Urban Scrapbooker rec'd some fun new papers from Three Bugs in a Rug. They are simple and adorable! I created a simple layout to go with them:

zoo crew


Jennifer said...

Yeah ... I'm cheering you on, friend! We know what works- it's not a secret ... we just need to do it. :) Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

just cut back on stuff. don't completly cut stuff out, it works for me. Tom

Gina said...

I'm cheering you on too . . . for me as soon as the schedule is set I can do it, nothing and I mean nothing gets done until after I've either ran or worked out . . . You can do it too Kim! :)

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