Imaginisce LIVE LOUD & Tombow Adhesives!

Yep --- that is what I received this month in my Imaginisce box! Those of you that know me, know that I am a mono glue girl all the way.


I have these little white bottles all over my scrap desk! It has been my adhesive of choice for almost 4 years now and even when I try something new, I always come make to my faithful bottle of mono. I am constantly running into folks that don't understand my obsession - mostly because it is a liquid glue. They don't understand how I can use this for EVERYTHING --- paper, pictures and embellishments! Well, let me tell you all about it!

Mono is the consistency of Elmer's glue --- but oh so much stronger. It all started back when I worked at the local Scrapbook Store and our designs were displayed upright under very hot lights. Most adhesive would dry out and get brittle and the layouts would begin to fall apart. After trying almost every "STRONG" adhesive, we found Mono Glue! It is not only strong - but it also stays soft & flexible! Now I know that most of us never have to worry about those problems especially since we slide our pages in page protectors. But, I love the added security it gives me for the future of my scrapbooks!

The best part of all is that it can also pass as a repositionable adhesive! If you let a light film of it dry before adhering, it acts like a temporary post it note! You can move it around till you are happy with the placement and then it will become permanent!

So, is there a trick for using it for everything? Absolutely! Let me share! I always use the pen end of my glue, never the wide coverage end. Because of it's strength, only a very small amount is needed. I give the bottle a quick flick to move the glue into the tip --- then I remove the lid. Here is the trick --- treat the glue like you were holding a pen and writing a squiggle. Very little pressure is needed --- very little! Using it like a pen --- draw a very thin line all the way around your paper, picture or embellishment about 1/4 inch from the edges. If it is a large item -- add a quick light squiggle to the middle also. Then adhere your item. You will have about 30 seconds to move it around gently before it adheres. YOU NEED VERY LITTLE ADHESIVE! Believe me -- one bottle of this stuff goes a long way!

This is fantastic for almost everything --- the only other adhesives I keep in stock are glue dots for buttons and my stapler for ribbon! It truly is a universal adhesive and so easy to use once you get the technique down.

So --- can you imagine how thrilled I was when Imaginisce and Tombow decided to hook up this month and give all the Designers a bunch of adhesive? Oh my gosh --- I was over the top thrilled! Not only did they send us some of my favorite Mono Glue, but we got some tape runners, a glue pen and a set of these:


In that box was the LIVE LOUD Collection from Imaginisce:

Live Loud Collection Image

I have had so much fun playing with it this week! Those fabulous markers from Tombow made it even better! They are the perfect fit for the fun little stamps that come with each line!

live love rock card

Rock on card

jam session

disney rock

Wii Live Loud


sarah said...

kim, i LOVE these!!! GORGEOUS work! you are totally rockin' the live loud line! :) i can't wait to see what you do with the future lines we get to play with!


Andrea Ancich said...

oh my goodness... tombow... you're loving that right now!

I might have used a whole bottle on my first dt packet for the lss.... boy was it heavy...

A little bit goes a long way FOR SURE!

fun layouts too!

DaniH said...

I'm afraid to use glue... Doesn't it get too messy?

Lori Allred said...

Love the info about the adhesive, thanks I will have to try it. But I love the Live Loud projects even more! Way to go Kim!!

Star Rork said...

wow, those are all great! Im comin over here for some boy inspiration!

Jennifer Moore said...

Love your layouts. Too cool.

craftymom205 said...

Love the layouts. Great ideas.

HeatherC said...

Love your projects Kim! And yes their adhesives do "Rock"!!

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