Crazy Busy --- as usual....

...life in our house is utter chaos right now. We have not gotten in the swing of things with all the baseball, school, and church functions yet. Austin practices every night, Luke & Chase practice 3 times a week. There are parent meetings, auction meetings, soccer tryouts and church thrown in the mix too. We are in desperate need of a 3rd car and shoppin for one is a nightmare. How do you know what to buy or who to trust? UGH--- is all I can say about that. The forecast doesn't look much better either --- next week Jordan heads back to classes and that will just add a whole other dimension to the craziness.

A peek into my Saturday:

8:00am - drop Austin off for Baseball Jamboree
8:30am - volunteer (required) clean up party at Alderwood Little League
10:00am - Austin's Jamboree starts
10:30am - Sign in for Specialty meeting
11:30am - Specialty meeting starts
1:00pm - Drop off auction items
6:00pm - Birthday party
6:00pm - Austin's soccer tryouts
6:30pm - Chase & Luke Hitting Clinic

Well, you get the idea ---- desperately need that 3rd car!

On the brighter side, Sunday is wide open! I guess that will be the day to find a car!

A few more layouts for you today --- these are full of the brand new CRATE PAPER line - BROOK! If you are local to the Seattle area, you can find all this yummy paper at the Urban Scrapbooker in the Edmonds area. If you're not local, then check out A Walk Down Memory Lane because they have it all and more!

charming boys

sibling love

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Shelly Maxwell said...

Really love your "Charming Boys" layout. Way to go!

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