Life has been crazy busy lately ---- mostly fun stuff with a few not so fun moments thrown in. Lots of baseball - definitely fun. Lots of Scrappin' assignments - definitely fun. Lots of sunshine - definitely fun. Fixin' the leaking pipe in the crawlspace - not so fun. Looking for a car for Jordan - not so fun. Driving around all day like a tzxi - not so fun. Filling the gas tank every 3 days --- DEFINITELY NOT SO FUN!

But, I live for Tuesdays. Tuesday's are my day --- the day I have 6 hours at home alone --- in the absolute quiet of my house. Okay --- well, 5 hours. It takes me an hour to put a quick clean on things so that I can enjoy those next 5 hours of solitude. What's on the agenda for today? I don't know. That's the beauty of the day.

Before I head off to enjoys my moments --- here is another layout for you:

The Urban Scrapbooker is bursting at the seams with new product from Winter CHA. In fact, we are running out of paper trays all the time! This layout is some new KaiserCraft that is in stock!

eat cake

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