Of course, I had a fabulous time at the retreat this weekend! 3 full days and nights of scrappin' and hanging out with some of the funnest, sweetest and talented ladies I know. How could it have been anything but fabulous? I thought I would share a snapshot of our work space ---




Can you see outside those windows? It's gorgeous! Of course it was raining and we only ventured outside once for a walk, but the grounds are fabulous. Over 50 wooded acres all fenced it with a lake in the middle! The kitchen is equally wonderful with industrial size ovens, refrigerators and supplies. I am actually in the kitchen when I was taking the photos --- that is how close it is! The bunk houses are right outside and again---- clean and comfortable, with full size mattresses!

It's truly a wonderful facility!

I relaxed, I created, I ate, I visited ---- but best of all, I laughed ---- non-stop! There was so many fun moments that it's impossible to re-cap them all. I laughed with old friends and with new friends and enjoyed every moment of every day!

I got lots done --- most of which I can't share with you yet --- but there were a few things that I did just for me. Let's see:

I love this picture of Emma in her Seahawk Outfit:

my sweed Seagal

and this one of David when he was in middle school:

mug shot

this one of Chase & Jack --- this is also a layout for the SKETCH-a-Thon over at My Sketch World:

dog tired

this one is of the CUPCAKERY that we visited in Orange, CA:


this one of Jordan was quick & easy:


and this one was created by playing a game with the other girls on Sunday night. We all put 8 items in a paper bag and then drew out 8 new items. We then had 25 minutes to create a layout using all 8 items. Game was the inspiration of Tami! I got lucky, all my items coordinated nicely!

apple of my eye

Then some quick & easy cards with some scraps:

thanks cardhello cards

love mushroom cardso sweet card

I have a few more things to share, but those will have to wait for another day!


Jennifer said...

It was so good seeing you! Love the challenge ... how fun is that?! (Bummed I missed it!)

mustangkayla said...

Where was the retreat at? Love your l/o's and cards!

Gina said...

WOW! You must work fast because there is no way I'd ever be able to get all that done . . . I'm S L O W!!! :) Great Work Kim!

Cindy said...

Love your work! The Cupcakery LO is absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog.

Jenny said...

These are all great Kim

Anonymous said...

you rocked the layouts kim!! and those cards are stinkin' cute! great pictures!!! ~pamela

sarah said...

that retreat looks like TONS of fun! thanks for sharing those photos!

love your latest work. you are totally on a roll, my friend!

have a great weekend

toni-n-tn said...

As always, your work amazes me, but even more so your love of life and laughter. What a great retreat to experience! You rock, gf.

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